In the quest of specific-domain ontology components for the semantic web


  • J. R. G. Pulido
  • S. B. F. Flores
  • P. D. Reyes
  • R. A. Diaz
  • J. J. C. Castillo



Ontology Learning, Semantic Web, Self-Organizing Maps, DDC: 004 (Data processing, computer science, computer systems)


This paper describes an approach we have been using to identify specific-domain ontology components by using Self-Organizing Maps. These components are clustered together in a natural way according to their similarity. The knowledge maps, as we call them, show colored regions containing knowledge components that may be used to populate an specific-domain ontology. Later, these ontology may be used by software agents to carry out basic reasoning task on our behalf. In particular, we deal with the issue of not constructing the ontology from scratch, our approach helps us to speed up the ontology creation process.