Application of SOM in a health evaluation system


  • Heizo Tokutaka
  • Yoshio Maniwa
  • P. K. Kihato
  • Kikuo Fujimura
  • Masaaki Ohkita



Self-Organizing Maps, Visualization, Health evaluation, DDC: 004 (Data processing, computer science, computer systems)


A health evaluation system was constructed which visualizes the living habits and health state from a person's checkup list by using the feature of SOM that multi-dimensional data can be mapped onto a two-dimensional surface. Here, three examples cases are reported. A change to the health region of the map by taking medication was visualized by the SOM from the conventional numerical expression. Also, the specific sick record converges towards the sick region of the map when the disease progresses. However, it was shown and visualized for the sick record not to converge in the case of the metastasis of a cancer even if for the same examinee, the cancer has progressed. Finally, for the display of the health point mark, and the display of the sick record, the spherical surface SOM, is demonstrated to be suited in the visualization.