Televison as saviour for endangered languages? - A survey among Scottish-Gaelic teenagers


  • Melanie Burmeister



language revitalisation, media, Scottish Gaelic, DDC: 400 (Language, linguistics)


The following article focuses on the use of media offers to strengthen endangered languages. A general introduction to situations of language endangerment is given and arguments for the use of minority language media offers to strengthen endangered languages are presented. An important question concerning this issue is, if media offers, due to the fact that media are to a great extent language-based, are able to directly encourage speakers of minority languages to use the language in question more often. A case study conducted among Gaelic-speaking teenagers tries to find a very general answer to this question for Scottish Gaelic. The study focuses on the attitude of the participants towards Gaelic, their use of the language and of Gaelic language television programmes. Findings regarding the use of television programmes are analysed regarding their impact on the language skills of the participants.