Laughter and Other Non-​Verbal Vocalisations Workshop 2020

This is a collection of 19 short papers presented at the Laughter and Other Non-​Verbal Vocalisations Workshop (Bielefeld, October 5, 2020). The conference brings together scientists from diverse research areas and provides an exchange forum for interdisciplinary discussions.

Non-​verbal vocalisations play important roles in displaying social and affective behaviours and in controlling the flow of interaction in human-​human and human-​machine interactions. Laughs, sighs, filled pauses, and short utterances such as feedback responses are among non-​verbal vocalisations that have been studied by various research fields. However, much is still unknown about the phonetic or visual characteristics of non-​verbal vocalisations and their relations to intentions and perceived meanings in interaction. Furthermore, with the increased need for naturalness in human-​machine interaction, it is worth exploring how laughter and other non-verbal vocalisations can be integrated in speech applications.

Published: 2020-10-08