Outsourcing Information Services


  • Anne Petry-Eberle
  • Monika Bieg




Outsourcing Information Services, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Information Center Core Functions, DDC: 020 (Library and information sciences)


Purpose: The systematic redevelopment of a Corporate Information Center's strategy is presented in this case study, with particular focus on the aspect of outsourcing services. This aspect is emphasised, because it is the only way to realise a new business model without an increase in resources. Design/methodology/approach: There is a description of which services have been outsourced, while it is also made clear which activities related to the creation of processes and their supervision have remained in the company's internal Information Center, and how they are changing as time goes on. The licensing of information sources from external aggregators is viewed in the context of outsourcing, as is the latest development in Vendor Portfolio Management. Findings: After the transformation of the classic spectrum of library services into the strategically created portfolio of an Online Information Center, the core tasks at the forefront are those which anchor the Information Center in the corporation of which it is a part, and which perfectly combine the interests of the corporation with the use of information industry competencies through cooperation and partnership with service providers. Originality / value: This case study demonstrates how, and for what purpose, information industry competencies can be used in an Online Information Center. Even with limited resources, the skilful use of outsourcing solutions makes possible the redevelopment of strategy and therefore change.